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Friday, 13 July 2012

The 39 Steps - Preview (Dunstable Rep)

Alfred Hitchcock’s version of The Thirty Nine Steps, John Buchan’s definitive spy thriller, is considered the best of its interpretations and Patrick Barlow pulled a masterstroke in basing his zany comic slant of the iconic tale on such solid credentials. Few filmic images have remained in the memory quite like the Hannay fugitive handcuffed to his girl. This last in the Rep’s stimulating film season was inventively packaged and rich in sharp and funny scenes. Bekka Prideaux was blessed with four excellent actors and only narrative drag and first night dwelling on lines occasionally slowed the pace. Spliced with lashings of effects from Fred Rayment and a bewildering variety of characters from first division stalwarts Joe Butcher and Matt Flitton The 39 Steps has all the hallmarks of a rip roaring success. If you haven’t booked your ticket I suggest you do it now.

The 39 Steps
Dunstable Rep Theatre Club
John O'Leary/Kelley Sarson/ Joe Butcher/Matt Flitton
Directed by Bekka Prideaux
Runs to Saturday 21st July 2012 (7.45pm - High Street South, Dunstable)

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