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Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Ladykillers - Barn Theatre (Welwyn)

Maureen Davies makes for a delightfully eccentric landlady and Eamon Goodfellow an equally effective and idiosyncratic chief villain in Barn Theatre's slant on this iconic Ealing Comedy of the 1950s. Graham Linehan's stage script lacked the gentle subtlety of the original and gangster musicians were often forced to dance to a contrived theatrical tune. But all, from cerebrally challenged boxer to a cross dressing major, made some contribution. Chris White particularly scored as a policeman rich in plod and lacking in imagination. Rosemary Bianchi pulled all the directorial strings and a group of technical cleverclogs conjured up a variety of convincing trains. Somewhere amongst my ramblings next week I shall give The Ladykillers a fuller, more considered, review. It is time Barn were tainted with my opinion. Roy Hall

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