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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Aspects of Love (Preview)

ACT Theatre are not known for selecting easy theatrical options and in Andrew Lloyd-Webber's Aspects of Love the company run true to form. A small scale musical with strong themes of introspective passion, the laughs are few and the hummable tunes even fewer. But strong playing from the principals and sublime musicianship made for an evening of absorbing drama. Intricate love permutations had me mentally writing my own script for self centred actress Rose and her hapless student lover Alex. In a generally fine cast Jenna Ryder-Oliver and Jaymes Sygrove lead with impressive sustained singing and Stuart Farrar and a superb Anna Carter-Brown lend solid support. Wonderful accompaniment from the pianos of Sarah Farrar and Clare Hood link every mood and line in Alan Clarke’s faithfully directed piece. You won’t dance in the aisles at this one but you will be gripped by its themes. Roy Hall

Runs Tuesday to Saturday

29th July – 2nd August 2014


Little Theatre, High Street, Dunstable.

Tickets £13, £11, £10
Box Office 07940 105864


Full blogging review to follow

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