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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dunstable Rep - Key for Two (Preview)

John Chapman and Dave Freeman’s farcical comedy ‘Key for Two’ needs quicksilver pacing and gathering urgency to make its extra marital bonking plot truly work. Director Anne Davis serves up a competent cast for Dunstable Rep’s latest offering but controlled and serious portrayals meant early scenes verged on the tedious and later, well crafted, mayhem only briefly fired. On an excellent domestic set Alan Goss gave us touches of astute comic timing as one of the philandering husbands and Jenny Dean and Penny Scales turned in nice cameos as unwelcome wives. But the situation, led by Clare Tozer Roodt as a duplicitous mistress, never suggested a descent into welcome and pleasing chaos. And on my reflective, snow strewn, journey home I reckon it should have. Roy Hall

Full review to follow

Little Theatre, High Street South, Dunstable.

To Saturday 26th January 2013


Tickets £9 - £13

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