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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hamlet - Dunstable Rep

Shakespeare is an acquired taste for some and Annalise Carter-Brown’s quirky slant on Hamlet won’t please everybody. Bloody long and wordy for a start. But her eighteenth century court, wrapped in sumptuous music, created some interesting pictures. Alistair Brown expertly delivered a lecherous Polonius, Stephanie Overington beautifully captured the loyal friend Horatio, and Phil Baker gloriously delivered the ghostly speech of Hamlet’s father. A classic case of posting in your performance. And the boy himself? Moody and whining. You wanted to slap him at times. But a superb performance none the less in this most arduous of roles. Peter Carter-Brown coped effortlessly with all those famous speeches and his feigned madness, pure physicality, was an absolute joy. Not an easy night on the ear or the bum and a mixed bag in the acting stakes. But worth seeing for those of a strong constitution.
Runs to Saturday 1st December 2012
7.45pm – Little Theatre, Dunstable High Street South.

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