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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A Night at the Theatre - in memory of Peter Clarke

When you are getting on a bit you always seem to be saying goodbye to somebody. Some are just distant and ageing aunts you hardly knew and some were so close, family or friends, you think you can still touch them. The majority are folks you got to know on life's fascinating journey. School, work, play, the local pub or, in my case, betting shop. The best of them enrich your life and make the constant struggle worthwhile. Peter Clarke was one of those. Our paths frequently crossed in local theatre for nearly forty years and in all that time I cannot think of anyone who had a bad word to say about him. Helpful, friendly, and generous in spirit. And at his best a pretty talented actor and director. I can still remember his Norman Conquests for The Wheatsheaf Players and that was a very long time ago. When he died there were so many at his funeral that they couldn't close the doors at the crematorium. And all were there to say goodbye to a very special person. It is said that no man who has friends is an island. Peter Clarke was one of those who made sure that there were very few islands in the theatrical world of Luton and the surrounding areas. He gets another goodbye on Sunday. If ever a man deserved it, he does. Roy Hall
A Night at the Theatre (in memory of Peter Clarke)
The Grove Theatre - Dunstable
Sunday 23rd September 2012
Tickets £12.50
Proceeds to Alzheimers Society, Parkinson's UK, and local community projects.

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