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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Aladdin, Night Music, and All Weather Racing.

Interesting weekend and the main topic of conversation is snow. Judged by the queues in Waitrose I wasn't the only one stocking up on fags and whisky and the non essential five a day. The weather in February can scupper all one's best plans. Knocked out most of my beloved racing. Lingfield on plastic, or whatever, is no substitute for the jumping stars at Sandown. But I suffer and dream of Cheltenham in March. If the snow scuppers that one, I shall spit. Do it enough and it might help.

The snow, not the spit, might yet play havoc with the last flings of two shows I took in this week. If the audiences get there, it is no guarantee that the casts will. But whether they do or not, look forward to incisive and penetrating reviews next week. Failing that, pop in to this blog. A Little Night Music (Luton Light) lived up to most of its early promise and Aladdin (Stage 1 with its 26th children's pantomime) impressed for the enthusiasm of forty youngsters with an average age of ten and a half. Ciara McDermott (almost an unseemly oldie at twelve) was an outstanding Widow Twankey and Rebecca Edwards an unnervingly evil Empress. I wasn't blind to its faults but when your main notes are about the fun you got from PC's Ping and Pong and a demented camel you know you ain't reviewing Ibsen.

So, if the snow held off, the Saturday night audiences were in for two different types of treats. And if it didn't I can guess that at least one cast wouldn't care. Looking at some of the more mischevious at Luton Light it might even be two. Toboggans and reviews to follow.

A Little Night Music - Luton Light - Dunstable Little Theatre (31st Jan - 4th Feb)

Aladdin - Stage 1 - Stopsley School (3rd -4th Feb)

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