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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Empire Theatre Arts - Les Miserables (Schools Edition)

Magnificent. Two directors, two weeks rehearsal, and sixty or more kids from ten to late teens belting out this wonderful musical. A standing ovation from a packed house on the night I went and well deserved. How Lucy O'Hare and Ashley Mead did it I have no idea, but this was definitely the positive side of youthful rioting. In a cast full of super performances Ollie Slade's Javert, John Douglas's Thenardier and Pari Shahmir's Eponine took my highest honours. But there was class throughout, all wrapped in beautiful music, imaginative staging and terrific lighting. My head ached in appreciation. If you saw it you will agree with me. If you missed it you will regret it. As I said, magnificent.

Queensbury Hall, Dunstable.
August 25th - 27th

Full review to follow.


Iain said...

...couldn't agree more! Apart from the sheer passion and commitment in so many indivdiual performances, the technical production was really impressive. Top marks for lighting, costumes and set design. A truly fabulous evening that justified every moment of the deafening applause!

Bethany Gammon said...

As part of the cast, i throughly enjoyed being part of the show, that you called magnificent! i have partaken in empire for severn years and every year Lucy and Ash never fail to drive us to limits we never knew we could reach. special mention to Gaye for everything she puts into the show x and the new MD Graham x and big hugs for Beth, xx